Do you ship internationally?

for the time being, we’ve suspended international shipping on all items except prints, magnets and enamel pins. Please contact us via email if you wish to organise an international order. info.albiarts@gmail.com

Why does my candle look like this after burning?


The rough, bumpy tops after burning a candle are caused when the hot wax in the melt pool cools and solidifies at an inconsistent rate. This is a common feature of soy wax, and not a sign of anything done incorrectly. At Albi Arts, we use all-natural Soy Wax. This ensures that our candles are not omitting harmful and toxic fumes, by being paraffin free. Therefore, sometimes, our candles can look a bit different when cooling. This does not affect the performance of the candle at all, so please do not stress. 

ps. Our candle glitter is eco friendly!


My candle has been sweating... what do I do?

Candle sweat is actually super normal with the type of wax we use. We use a soy wax in candles, which means that sometimes this will happen. But it also means that our candles do not contain any harmful chemicals. It's okay that your candle might be sweating, or discolours, or that it gets bumpy after it re-solidifies. It won't affect the way your candle burns.


Do you use eco-friendly packaging?

Where we have been able to convert our packaging to ECO-friendly options, we have. Our tissue paper, our 'cellophane' bags for our magnets and some of our prints as well. We reuse a lot of packaging that we receive in our own orders to make sure we're ordering a lot less manufactured plastics and much more. We're open to suggestions on how we can improve further, and we love to hear from you about new and innovative ways to make sure Albi Arts is as sustainable as can be. 
In saying this, please recycle and reuse as much of our packaging as possible when you receive your order. We would really appreciate your help in assisting us reduce our waste.


How come my shirt came before/after the other parts of my order?

We work with Imprint Merchandise in Sydney to produce our shirts, long sleeves, crop tops and all apparel we produce. Fortunately, this allows us to have such a large and exciting and ever-changing range of clothing without making much of an impact on the environment by printing beyond our needs. What this does mean, however, is that our orders will deliver to you in 2 (or more) seperate packages. We're really sorry for any inconvenience this causes! 


What are your shipping times?

Processing times can take up to 10 business days. Due to COVID, sometimes our suppliers run behind and there are some issues. We will contact you if your wait time is looking to be too long, however, to work something out. Orders are not shipped on weekends - and most times, they are only processed through the week. Once an order has shipped, an email will be sent with the tracking information.