About Us

Albi Arts is owned and run by partners Alyssa and Shelby. What started as a friendship, bonding over art and learning, turned into a business, where we’re constantly fine-tuning our skills and our art to become the best we can be.
Whilst Alyssa is constantly learning new techniques and styles, and Shelby is forever learning new ways to create new products, the team dynamic continues to grow and create a beautiful partnership and in turn; a beautiful store.
We’re so excited to share Albi Arts with the world, and we’re so excited you’re here to be a part of the journey.
So thank you for supporting us - two little queer girls trying our hardest to make our dreams come true from our home studio in our garage in Brisbane, Australia.



Alyssa grew up with her family in Melbourne, and spent most our her young life travelling the globe. She's worked in America & babysat her way around Austria - but now, finds herself working from the comfort of her home in Brisbane, Australia.

After a tumultuous few years struggling with Endometriosis, Alyssa found it too difficult on her body and mental health working a full time job out of the house. Her art has always been a massive part of her life, so in March 2019, Alyssa opened up her very first Etsy shop selling art prints, under the name Lissful Illustrations.

Throughout 2019, Alyssa's art grew leaps and bounds, which can be credited straight back to her endometriosis. When she felt sore and upset about her situation, she would find herself going to a nearby coffee shop and just painting until she'd start to feel slightly better about her situation.


Co-owner Shelby began her own apparel brand, Brain Drain Co., on August 6th, 2018, as a result of a brain injury at the end of 2017. 

Brain Drain Co. ended up becoming a way for Shelby to express herself, and bloom through a life changing experience, making the most of it and turning it around into something incredibly positive.  BD helped Shelby to find purpose in each day, and have something to look forward to, which aided her recovery significantly.

Before her ABI, Shelby didn't really have the skills to create art the way she does now - for these skills, she actually credits her brain injury. Shel continues to utilise the skills she has and the things she's learnt through her current university course in Entertainment Business Management to build Brain Drain Co. further, and to help in the ever expanding Albi Arts brand. 




Albi Arts

The brand that is Albi didn't come together until September 2019. Before that, Alyssa and Shelby had been collaborating as Brain Drain Co., and Lissful Illustrations, never having complete plans to merge the two.

After three months of dating, Alyssa and Shelby decided to take the jump and merge their creative brains into Albi Arts. 

Albi begun by just selling art prints and personalised pet stickers - which were a hit!

When COVID-19 struck them hard in March of 2020, they knew they needed to make the business work if they were ever going to be able to survive what appeared to be a never ending pandemic.

Albi Arts has evolved significantly since its inception in 2019, and continues to do so every day. Albi has gone from selling art prints, to drink coasters, to mugs, to apparel, candles and room sprays, and each and every day, there are new ideas blossoming.



Thank you for being a part of the Albi Arts journey with us, and what a ride it has been so far. 

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